Dreams are very personal
I have my problems, with anxiety, panic and all
but everything doesn’t seem to go anywhere and people I have this with I can’t really share with it them.

As for the dream, well dreams are very personal to me,
Its not something I really share… but…

one of the first ones, her opening a window…
I know when I had weird dreams with her
one of the bad ones I had early this year,
It came true
she blocked my path while i was going up…
There was a situation that happened after….

There was another good one, well better one
I was lost and she left, disappeared
but then came charging back

Then there’s another her in the water
playing with another man
and me at the edge…
I remember her being happy and laughing in this one…

and this last one, she was in there faintly for a bit,
and the toys,  then after another scene, then the last scene..
I was viewing from the third person,
some random person was left out lying in the rain,
then carried into a truck or something with iv bag…
it seemed like it was me then,
I realize now I was left out too long

But I never what or who carried me
I know its not her

the more I think about it
I could be filling in blanks you know….
ommited some details… …
I did stay up an hour or two after that….

I mean dreams just happen cause it does
But if you tell someone they may not believe you

All I know is this, that I’m here writing this alone
I do think that dream can give indications
Some form of premonition
Whoever dreams a bit and if you are lucky to remember
Then I always think its good to analyze and make sense of it

©2015 raj


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