I find her success on online dating very fast
like a few days then she meets someone in person
I only met two offline,
it was a good month of chatting online, email exchange,
before meeting in public and chatting…. I’m just surprised…

Personally I would give it more time for myself,
as I don’t want to be treated just like a number…
if someone takes time, and longer period,
would mean a lot more than just a hey for a few days…
depends, chemistry, love…

I do see people’s idea by the right match,
of course the idea is to meet people in real life too,
but i’m just slow with it, and would be

I realize now that you always had a better idea on relationships
than I do… and sounds like you have yourself together…

Now for the part that I have to make fun of myself
I’ll give you my age now, 30,
and I have no idea if that meets your age criteria
probably a strike out

what’s your age? Friend?

I have Conversation flow issues
so that is two strikes

and for the last one,
I am that guy that try and try
since I was like 13
I ask a girl I liked out via note in school
and the cool kids yelled loser,
reject in the halls to me
Even some of my close friends made fun of me
Some would say that I’m going for out of my league
and no luck, strike three!

Nowadays, problem is I see it everywhere,
people talk about people, relationships,
and now just trying to keep distance and not get mad at it
I mean it’s a accumulation of other stressors too and
that doesn’t ease it so just try to forgot about it really…
I’m aware that girls like the attention,
and I could never tell
bad assessment on my part.. any clues?
So how is online dating for you?
Did you met another guy yet,
or meeting another one this weekend at your rate

©2015 raj


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