Face the Music

I’m not sure if its for me…

I see what you mean, I have no experience in this,
relationship stuff, romance,…..  love..
I guess there is pain with love, …
but trying to make it as painless as possible..
but its hurting being apart….

The distance does hurt deeply,
I do find talking can help with you, about things,
maybe things I did, doing wrong, and need correcting,
making you happy!
I’m lost these days… need some direction, love… from you…

facing the music can be challenging,
I’m willing to do,
be friends, talk again,
sometimes talking is good,
to find out how the other person feels like….

But I’m so sorry I’m forgetting my manners
if you need help or wanna talk you can write me..
I’m always willing to talk, and trying to smile around you.
a hug and ask how you are feeling, and what would make you happy!

©2015 03/02/15 npfd


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