hi Ghost
how are you?

if you are the right person….

This could sound like me in the post, not sure on that…  my qualm is being nervous around people I like, being a fault of mine since the start, I was easier at writing notes and giving it to them… I’m always been like that, maybe a little bit better these days, I just get anxious and nervous, unable to relax…. I’m also scared to make the other person uneasy cause I’m being uncomfortable

I get silly sometimes or most of the time but really sometimes I don’t know why I do things or say things, sometimes just blurt out whatever… maybe its due to my own insecurities, … I’m just a mix up….

Again depends on who its addressed too….  I do apologize to haunt you,
I guess boo language it is…

I hope you wouldn’t rest in pieces….. I’m broken but… maybe we all can be awaken? revitalized? .. including myself
I miss talking to you too, we could always chat on here, I’m still open to talk in person… and even here for starters……


©2015 npfd


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