Mind aloof in May

As for me, well, general or romance
I could just bore you and talk about both…
Been busy lately with errands,
as mentioned two of my friends are seeing girls…
another old friend of mine, decided to get back into touch recently,
who I hung out with this week too, similar thing,
when we last left off a few years ago he was in a relationship,
and since then he had a few other girlfriends,
and now he has a new girl
as for the girl I love, haven’t seen her in a while,
sorry for going off, just needed to rant a bit… ugh..

sorry for going off, just needed to rant a bit…
I think I should avoid the topic of relationship finding
(for myself… lol)
you can talk to me all day about yours 🙂

my mind is aloof lol

About this whole friends with benefits..
and i get put off if someone did that.
i personally hate that..
To me its love, knowing someone….
emotional connection….
cause to me its about serious relationship..
does this make sense…
I thought of a few different ways to explain it..

I don’t know what the exact norms are with 3 year relationships
but i would definitely thing that kissing would be done countless times..

I didn’t know they had kissing tutorials videos…
I read up about kissing in my early 20s and
i think one has to aim their lips at either the top or bottom… of their partner..
Also read that kiss is very important to determine relationship…
but one girl who i chatted online only with years ago…
Now out of touch. Says that kissing is satisfying, ease tension or relaxes
(i don’t have the exact word..) or may have no idea
if i read was right or wrong what else did some of the videos say?

I never kissed anyone.
So dunno about the French kiss..
have you tried that?

I’m overthinking…
its good to talk about it…
As for news.. well tired after a busy day..
lol might watch some tv now…
then apply for jobs,
Tomorrow have to follow up with product problems
So there goes the Mind Aloof In May

©2015 raj


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