Talk to me

Talk to me I may not understand
But if talking means a lot to you
Go ahead please
That is nice you used to talk a lot…
With your man
I know if you’re unable to talk
it isn’t fun, it hurts though..
Even though you got high with him
I never did that stuff…..

That is a nice feeling
when you check your phone
and there is always a message
waiting for your heart to skip
Sounds sweet
It would make me sad too
If the message stopped

I could only relate as getting messages
from friends, strangers, would be  to look forward too,
but haven’t gotten as many recently…

Do you have another way to get in touch with him?
The man who holds your heart in his hands
Maybe you both can get physical again
Do not worry for the long post
I’m not angry at all
how are you otherwise?
I am always here if you need to chat more
But now you’re gone…


©2016 npfd