A fiery touch

I never thought that shaking your hand
Meant that you would reach out and hold onto mine
for a while
My first reaction is that this is something new

Felt like being touched by an angel
I feel you’ll bring me no harm
But a sanctuary in this world
I would like to know how to make you feel the same
I’m probably over analyzing
But for the first time in my life,
I felt like you wanted to hold on
A girl wanted to hold my hand
for the first time and for that moment

We can create more, an infinite amount
whether anyone still believes in souls anymore
Or do I belong in the psychiatric ward?

I would tell you that even talking to you
and we are not fully revealing our true selves
I feel a sense of calm, just being in your presence
And since the touch of your hand set my heart on fire

I could only wonder what will happen
If I’m not dreaming, your fiery touch

If you were to lay your hand on my heart
I know I would feel at ease
My heart won’t beat so violently alone
And I could sleep the night in your arms
Underneath the starry sky

We could say every star in the night
Is a frozen tear suspended in the sky
Just waiting for the heat
To melt and rain into the night
So we can wash away all our sorrows
And watch the sun rise
Feel the heat on our skin
Yours paler than mine

The rain falls like lights all around us
from the sky
Illuminating every joy in our lives

And our hearts can crash into each other
Again, again and again
Burn bright in the night
As forest fires bring about new life
Sowing the seeds for tomorrow
Will grow stronger trees
To our secrets safe from the dark world outside

But our initials and hearts will be carved into the bark
Of the sequoia trees
We can write our stories in stone
If it comes to this, we can bear new life for us all

© 2016 npfd


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