Snow in April 2016

A few weeks ago
Everyone was overjoyed with spring is here
But in my heart I didn’t feel it
For the second year in the row
I feel like winter never left my heart
Its just an eternal winter inside

Constantly brewing, ice and snow

But on April 6
The wet snow falls
Making all the branches of the trees
Covered in snow
Like white chocolate

The weight of the snow on the branches
Remind me of the burden of a cold winter
Being wandering alone to walk in the park

You can measure my heart
But you won’t find too much love left
Its been strained and drained by the everyday life
It gets beaten on, tortured stuck in a glass case
Feels like no other heart
wants mine to beat
next to theirs on a daily basis

On April 7
The rain falls from the sky
Making it for a grey day
Melting all the snow
I hope the memories would have been kept alive
But now they melt and wash away
Like I was nothing
Like everything I ever did
Every feeling my heart feels like a loss

© 2016 npfd


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