White Window Widow

I know you stand there every evening
By the old white framed window in your bedroom
Your eyes reflecting in the window
You watch the rain fall on this rainy evening

Every tear on the window,
is every night you cried alone
I have too, lied in bed, shed a couple of tears
because of the pain of being left behind cold and alone

Lighting strikes out in the distance
The accumulated rage being let out from the sky
been withheld for years
Finally strikes a branch in the distance
And sets it on fire, but the fire is extinguished
By the sadness our hearts feel
But in time a new branch will grow with us

If I were to look at the window more closely
I’ll see that the white paint is chipping away
Due to the years of previous lovers leaving
your heart behind,
The mold growing outside the window
The fatigue of cleaning up after losses
A cracked window pane, of old wounds
When the lovers walked out the door
Because you wanted to reach out to them
To stop before leaving but they didn’t

You’re dressed in your white wedding dress
Dreams of being married, as do I
But let me say that,
When your hand reached mine
You’re taking me into another world
I felt that despite all that heartbreak you faced
You are strong enough to face that window
Day after day, night after night
And reach through to me in this outside world

Where I roam about, a lost boy with a short fuse
Let’s clean the mold off the outside window frame
With some water and vinegar
Let’s replace the cracked window pane
So we can peer from inside
To see the outside world clearer
We will repaint the window frame
Which makes it smoother
for as words and feelings to exchange between us
Let me hold you and kiss your cheeks
To heal those old wounds
Let me reach inside your chest
And hold your heart for a while
And pulsate your heart with my fingers to heal
and feel warm again

Let me walk into your room
put that overdue engagement ring on your finger
But I feel this as a soul connection
Once in forever
and we’ll watch our tree in the distance grow its branch back
The sun will rise to renew the land again
Our hearts as one to live on forever

© 2016 npfd



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