White Widow’s Midnight

Last the night, I felt her presence inside me
I heard the cries of the white widow woman
Which awoken me from my odd dreams
I am half awake, I still hear her screams
echoing off the surrounding sequoia trees
The ones we grew in our land
I see our initials there, filled with frost
Where did she go? I ask myself
I hear her shriek again,
This time my heart jumps, and all I could hear
is violent heart beat
I follow the sound of her voice
I remember a time when she’s mad at me
her tone of voice made me jump in my skin
Upon arriving at the lake
I see her dress near the bottom of lake
reflecting in the full moonlight
I wouldn’t let her fall to the bottom of the lake
In her white dress with pink flowers at the base of the dress
And her blond and brown hair dancing in the water
The leaves from last year still on the border of the lady
Waiting for the sun to decompose
But new leaves always grow from the trees
We planted seeds a year ago
Off I do, dive into the cold water of April
-3 degree Celsius night temperature
I feel the cold water around me,
Reminds me of all the time I left her behind
I know how her heart feels beating slowly in the cold
The icy cold hands of winter holding her heart

Slowing her heartbeat and eventually wanting to stop its pulse
To squeeze her heart of all life
While the demons eager to feast off human’s heart blood
I finally swim to reach her, I see her petite figure
In the dark depths of the lake

Her figure almost there to the demons of the underworld
I see their red eyes, just waiting to grasp her
and to never let her go
I push harder to swim to her
Finally I grab hold of her arm
Her body very cold
I try to swim up, but there is resistance
One of the demons grabbed her ankle
I’m unable to counteract them

Without letting go, I kick the demon’s hand
luckily they let go,
Finally I’m able to swim and bring her to shore
I lay her at the edge of the earth now
Lying in the dead grass of spring
Perform the cpr on her
Unsure if she’ll come back to life
She does, barely, coughs up the water

I finally grab hold of her,
She opens her eyes in shock of where she is
After holding her and hugging her for a while
She’s at ease now
I ask her how she feels, she says she’s okay
I check her ankle and see the bruise mark
I ask her if she’s in pain she says she’s very cold
Off I go in search of wood for the fire
I find an old maple tree, I grew a long time ago
When I was younger
I cut off several branches of my own tree, and make a fire near her
The smoke rises in the night
like during a couple’s fight
I lie next to her, to share all the warmth that I have
The fire slowly heats us both
I feel warmth in her skin again
She smiles, relieved to live through another stormy night
I caress her hair, I see the leaves of last year in her hair
But I hope she keeps me,
as I failed to protect her from the demons
so we can play in the leaves this upcoming fall
The moonlight shines on her face
She talks to me now, her voice soothes my being
now that she is okay and will live
her eyes glow like never before,
Tears reflecting joy in the moonlight
I kiss her tears goodnight
There is a calmness in her eyes
To me the night is black all around her
The moonlight from heaven shines on one of her angel’s

© 2016 npfd


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