Lost at Sea

If you are floating in the ocean
with your white dress
and blond, brown hair floating
The heartbroken widow
I’m just heartbroken
But you’re bleeding in the water
The sharks encircling around you
Getting closer and closer

If you’re too heartbroken to move
I’ll shape shift into a large eagle
Spot you from afar and bring you home

If I come by boat, I’ll row back home
if I could only be the power of nature
I’ll create pulsating waves to push you to shore
If not, I’ll freeze the ocean of the world
So the sharks stay below the ice
And I can get you back on horseback
Heal your heart, bring you home

Let you rest by the crackling fireplace
While preparing hot cocoa and marshmallows
Cover you in plaid red and black wool blankets
Lie next to you and hold you through the night
Share the warmth and kiss your lips and heart
Watch each other smile as we sleep in our warm embrace

© 2016 npfd


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