The Night Boulevard

I drive along the boulevard in the night
All the amber street lights in a long line
Sometimes you just never know
If the wind will pick up
The studs and nuts can rust
and the lamp post falls
I’m about to reverse but
All the lights explode sending sparks everywhere
But the sparks slowly revealing
a figure that’s always been waiting in the night
Walking towards me reaching out
I get out of my car and watch the figure
come towards me slowly
The sparks around the figure swirl around
To reveal a girl, whom I know too well
She smiles, and extends her hands and
Sends out multicolored hearts formed of sparks
Into my cold chest, lighting it up
With her supernatural power

The post goes back up
She comes come close and kisses me
The city lights come on again, brighter this time

© 2016 npfd


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