Six Pieces of widow’s heart

It is another grey, foggy rainy day
I am near the entrance of the forest
searching for the six pieces of her heart

As I approach the entrance I find one piece
beating slowly, marred by the daily struggles

I look for the second piece
Its in a small dark nook which I reach inside
Its hard to pull out been there so many years
Covered with decomposing leaves and mud

The third piece
is on the ground near the bear
I tread carefully not to stir trouble
Fresh claw marks on this piece
I wrap it in white cloth

The fourth piece is on a rock facing north
With moss growing on it
I remove the piece wash the piece with fresh water

The fifth piece is facing south
charred by old flames
I find some love from my heart
to revitalize it

The sixth piece is in the center of the forest
In the highest tree, taking in as much light and water
to stay alive
I climb the tree
Almost lose my footing
to fend off the vultures

I rush back to the log cabin in the forest
I see the smoke from the chimney still
I hope the logs I put in stove are still burning
To keep her warm

I open the door hastily
And leave the pieces of her heart on the workbench
I rush to see her, I place my hand on her forehead
She’s still here on earth, she smiles at me
I caress her face, and ask her if she needs anything
she says she’s okay

I race back to the workbench
Piece her heart together, with my heart
with thread, tree sap
and place it in her chest
She smiles as I hold her hand and kiss

© 2016 npfd


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