Her Multicolored Heart II

(felt the need to expand on this)

Her heart has all the shades of colors
to reflect her emotions at any given moment
It shoots out heart outlines of the colors
And morph into matter
Given her emotion,

Black to demonstrate sophistication
To protect her loved ones

Yellow when she’s happy
Bringing smiles to her loved ones
Rays of sunshine lighting up the room

Green for food
Food then appears in plates
for her family and for herself
To satisfy everyone’s craving

Blue when she’s Upset
Crying alone or with someone at night

Grey when she is thinking
to do list, projects, appearing in her hands
Objects appearing on tables to work on

Pink when she’s being feminine
Reminding her of youth like
Fairy tale princess dreams

Brown to face the storms
Like the earth
to hold your ground no matter what

White for sincerity
Marriage, forgiveness compassion and listening

Red when she’s passionate
About someone or something
And for whoever she loves

Like when her man walks in
They shoot each other a red heart
Making each other feel joyous
He comes to her to put his hand
On her heart to feel every beat

When her family is at home
They are all in the kitchen
her heart so happy
its exploding with rainbow colored outlines
Her kids catching the outlines
Her lover also, he makes sure to catch
All of them including
The blue ones to comfort her
Black ones to keep her safe
Grey ones to help her out with her projects
Green to help feed her
Yellow to make her smile, tickle and laugh
Pink to make her feel like a princess
Bringing her surprise chocolates
Red for their passion and soul connection

©2016 npfd