I never wanted to lose the person I really love,
and that adds some nervousness,
leads me to do things on here
And in person that I wouldn’t do

I see that you’ve been contacted by three different people
that’s pretty good
I use to post a lot in the missed connections in the past
and its not often I would get emails
maybe one for I dunno 10 posts or more maybe..
that’s off the top of my head..

I think we each have our bubble, up to a certain extent,
I think its human, I’m aware of some of the problems
that some of my friends go through…

Why I never had anyone, well that’s a mystery to me
but if I ask around a lot, people will say my personality is no good
Just like my managers hinted at
My personality is not good
Everyone hates my personality
I am not personable

my views are not good, out of date
Stuck in the past, while everyone is progressing
Personally I know I’m a good person,
I mean no ill intent to anyone,
yes I know I need improvement…
I find talking a lot, helps puts one at ease
When you like the person you are talking too

I have tried various channels to communicate with girls
and just chatted with them that’s it…
Its a longer story, ever since the start back in secondary 1
it has been a problem
eventually they want to avoid me
Or maybe I have mental problems

With this girl i’m thinking about
I can’t even tell my close friends, who it is
I mean its something I really love for a long time
Things happen, but deep inside I still love her very much
feelings grow over time…
We talked  a while back about soul mates which got me thinking
and well when asked people,
they say sometimes love makes you craycray in a good way
which I find I’m doing, going craycray in a good way 🙂

I’m not that young, I would attribute to bad luck,
me having problems, but then again when i see people I like makes me a bit nervous
sometimes more nervous.. just trying to relax about it…
As you say, everyone has something going on

She’s lost now, so thats that.

©2016 npfd