Missed Email exchange

We had quite a few email exchanges over a few weeks.
We are penpals, writing away about our situations
I know I’ve sent you a few messages…
It was nice to look forward to a reply every few days.

I know that is gone now
I know you are seeing someone you love
and you know I love someone,
Whom I’ve talked about many times

This is really just to say that I’m sorry again for letting my anger out on you.
I’ve done it in the past, things get to me, I needed an outlet,
sorry you had to be the one to take the brunt
I thought a little disclaimer would have helped before as I did…
but now I realize its not right…
I hope you could forgive me…

Again would be nice to hear from you again
Keeping me up to date on your life
I hope that you found happiness with the man
You spoke to me last about
While my situation, is well you know, imaginary…
How dear she was to me


© 2016 npfd