No one is weak in love

I do not think you are weak and clingy
if you approach your lover at work…
actually the stronger more courageous person 🙂

Sometimes I think people might view me as that
but I’d rather do what I really feel strongly about…

I see about the facebook, and the hour later answer,
I’m not sure what means “…the thing of hours doesn’t work”

Sometimes words get misinterpreted… again

I’m speaking from myself
maybe I wouldn’t want to drop the love word right away,
and scare the person off
its not an easy balance
I’ve done and women find me weird

When you talk with your lover were things were good?

Cause you also mentioned you used to chat a lot more,
there must be more substance to go on about, like interests,
maybe there was something more than pretty…
I would suggest a sit down and talking things out, or emails
talk about your passions?
Is there a connection there?

Sometimes well I speak for myself I cannot get everything out in one sitting…
and often time emotions get in the way

I’m not talking to many coworkers,
Because it could be embarrassment and regret
I speak for myself that is,
Again I do not want to words in his mouth….

I would still try talking to your love
as you care about them
whichever way both of you communicated…

I do apologize I feel I’m bringing my views into this
to provide answers
I hope there was some factual questions,
advice in there for you to help you out
did you ask your close friends for views?
I know there is the colleague, someone you can trust?

I find the Montreal dating scene is no good
Its a long story I’ll be here for the next while writing it out…
I’m definitely going to think of other things to say
will let you know if I do, and let me know how things go with your love


©2016 npfd