Opening new friend

Thank you for the complement
My new friend 🙂
You seem nice… for a girl
That is something new for me

I see about the work place
Can be hard to start a romance
sometimes asking to talk,
or sending message to find out,
exactly what happened can be a good idea!
Do what you feel is right though,
seems like you both had something going on
I’m just like that as in liking someone, try…
But when the code of conduct gets in the way
All hell will break loose

yes you are right my dear
When I saw the post online in the classifieds
I thought the post could have been written about me
but then I didn’t say things about staying inside
then outside,
then the part of the author saying
not worth my time kind of stuck out….
it hurt to read that
so wanted to know.. and wasn’t sure so sent the message….
maybe I’m looking into things too much sometimes….

I’m somewhat similar position…. unsure whether she walked to talk
I thought maybe she wanted to say some things…
and maybe it could be done on here…
but I guess it is a bit of my neediness to look
for hope too on the classifieds section..
I’d be surprised if she’s on here…

I wish I had a girlfriend, soulmate oh how I wish!
I never had one, and by the looks of it never will

You are very welcome, well if you need to chat
let me know!
Good to know you feel better
And that it means a lot…
sometimes it feels good to vent out… I’ve done it…


©2016 npfd