Someone you feel strongly for
and there is miscommunication I’ve done,
some things I didn’t do well, some disrespect that I did,
so there’s that, it isn’t easy.. we have to see!
Everyone is different, and well I’m new to all this…
and I’m not exactly young young…
I still love her very much!

Oh well, lots of people say that I have some bad traits
get nervous easy, negative, stressed easily,
things spillover, things I’m trying to work on.
Depends on the environment too…
but they say also some good things,
that I am a good person, again just telling you what people have said!
we all have bad and good days…

If someone comes to work under influence
that isn’t good, could get fired
funny you mention he might get fired
sometimes I used to feel like that…

Being  isolated could be many things
External things
I know I stress out easily and it spillovers
I don’t know how everyone else is
maybe something bad happened
some past trauma that’s come to resurface

If you have history with someone
Especially in terms of conversation
Ask straight up what is wrong, or if at work is touchy,
maybe outside there, or via messages….

I know I’m not super relaxed at work on personal things
cause you’re there to work… not socialize too much…

Again I’m no expert, haven’t had a relationship or close female friends
you could ask your close friends, again it also depends on how you feel
I wouldn’t pretend he doesn’t exist, that would hurt,
well I’ve gotten nervous in the past,
there are other reasons which I can’t mention,
so I would try to avoid the person,
even recently too, but now I don’t.
There are a lot more things I can’t say though…
personal reasons for now.

When I love someone, like someone a lot I can barely stare into their eyes…
again nervous….

But to me if you like someone and still care, love the person very much
Focus on that and try to get him to talk, or even offer to listen
with little that I know, with friends
we had arguments, quiet time
but we came back from them, and its better
I’ve been told love is like a rollercoaster
I find people can change for the better
given friendship, if relationship
It doesn’t happen overnight…
definitely to me talking, doing this helps
to me the way I see things, everyone has their pro and con,
if you know both good, and to be able to support each other through it
It would be fantastic! try try!

hope this helps, let me know how how your life goes
now you’ve got me curious how things will work out for you!
Again like you support him, he should help you out to when needed kind of thing…
I get super nervous around people I like.. … again something I’m working on…
maybe he has something like that?

Sorry for making this long, I didn’t expect to make it this long…
some of the stuff may not make sense, I write things quick….
To me if I were you, I would say Hi, whats up, even mention that if you want to talk etc.. 🙂
Let me know, hope this helps a bit…

©2016 npfd