White Church in Athens


From the Elite Events Athens

Elite Events Athens www.eliteeventsathens.gr is the planner and decorator for this wedding


White Church in Athens

They stand before
the White Church in Athens
After their union took place years ago
They come back to celebrate
To remember their ceremony in secrecy
The white cross symbol of the faith

The strand of white hydrangeas is attached
from the right pillar to the church bell
So whenever he is lost at sea
lost in the world
Or getting destroyed mentally
She can pull on the strand
Ring the bell and beckon him home

Its just blackness inside the church
But they kept firm, held hands softly
Faced both of their darknesses together
And while they were in there
Flames from their hearts light the church candles
And little sparks fly from their hearts onto the candles
not every spark might light each candle
Some fall to the floor and fizzle
but most make it,
Such is the way of life
To keep on trying moving forward
Hand in hand,
His heart within hers
Their souls wrapped around each other
Like vines on a lonely post in a open field
Merging during times of closeness

Their souls both war torn open up passages
from the sky to permit light the inside of the church
During the day and night
Now then they walk out of the little church

A table is set before them with empty with glasses
and a blue and white checkered table cloth
He pours white wine from Greece

They eat chicken souvalki pitas
and finish the bottle of wine and eat baklavas
Then they hold hands and retire in the bedroom
leaving their black framed spectacles on the table
While lying down, with the balcony door open
And the soft white drapes swaying in the ocean wind
You can hear the waves landing softly on the shore
Just like their hearts are now
Rested from the daily tasks
Now able to open up with each other

he holds her in his arms she’s a petite girl
Wraps himself around her for extra warmth and care
she breathes in and out,
And starts speaking words from her heart
Like little white projectiles appearing on the ceiling
He listens, reads, make sure he’s being attentive
While caressing her heart

The tears appear in her eyes
He kisses her tears, and wipes them away
And says don’t stop crying my dear
Let it all out
In a few gentle moments like the waves reaching shore
Finally coming home, she tells him her pain
Her body pulsates with pain
Reliving the memories and moments of pain
Like if it was happening again right now
All in the same areas
He holds her closer and says I love you forever
She smiles and holds him just as hard
And says to him I love you forever
They say if anything happens to each other
They’ll watch over each other
Whether be a star in the night and day
The sun, the flowers, the earth
Their souls will always be together
©2016 npfd