Umbrella in the rain

She’s outside with her colored umbrella
It’s a grey day outside, rain is falling
They see her through the doors,
As she crosses the street and steps on the sidewalk
She decides to close the umbrella
And put it down
And embrace the rain with a smile
Everyone gathers at the windows to see her

The type of heart that finds joy in every little thing
She smiles, she laughs, they all hear her laugh
Through the foggy windows
She dances in the rain
Just not caring about the bad things in life
For the moment

Her heart is one with the rain for now
Hurt by life, but still beats on
She cries one tear with one rain drop
The other rain drop she takes it in her hand
And kisses it
The next one she throws against
The window to show the world her pain
The last one she holds it to her heart
To bring her comfort and breathes in the fresh air

After her dance she picks up her umbrella
Spins it around, and all different colors of drops
Fly off the umbrella, colouring the parking lot and the world
Everyone from the inside comes out
And starts dancing in the rain

© 2016 npfd


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