Widow’s Cave

part of a longer series, inspiration for love

After she tells me where to find her
I stand in her grey cave, waiting for her
In the high mountains of Europe

I see her web is all over the place
But from what I know about her
Every thread strewn is there for a reason
Some pathways to her lair
Some to escape in case of danger

I touch the web, soft as her heart
and very sticky, like the sap from the trees
I could wrap myself in her web and wait

I walk around, pick up stones
Some we carved our initials years ago
I examine them, take some time to enjoy the scenery

I hear her come down from the grey ceiling
her famous way of showing herself
she is all happy to see me waiting for her

Her eight legs moving in haste
She stands before me
In her 20 eyes, in some I see the reflection of myself
I see the need to know, pain, tears, knowledge, joy, love
I look deeply into her eyes and see her

Her eyes begin to tear before me
With my hands I try to cup her tears
But there are way too many, falling out of my hands
and onto the rocks,
reminds me of the times I wasn’t there
To catch the tears she cried

I catch as many as I can and try to understand
What each tear means for her
I feel most of her pain
I hug her, my clothes drenched in her tears
But I can feel her heart calming down

After she smiles, and her legs wave in the air
And one caresses my mind
Seeking all the knowledge,
getting into my head
One caresses the right side of my body
To find out what’s happened to me
Throughout this lifetime
The next leg caresses my left side
teaching me to be more patient and compassionate
Towards myself and the world
another leg feels my heart softly
And she knows there is some pain that lures inside

She then magically proceeds to transform herself
Into a small spider, enters my heart
and begins sewing back my open wounds with her web
I begin to see white

I must have fallen asleep, because I wake up
With her sleeping right next to me
That’s the true love we both seek in each other
A raw and unfiltered love

©2016 npfd


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