Down the Stairs (revised)

rewrote parts of it.

She comes down the stairs
Like a grey tornado spinning hastily
Thoughts and words crashing into each other
Leaving a trail of black shards behind her
The nervous little boy
That heart’s deserves not to beat with any girl’s heart

She holds a cup of hot lava in one hand
Ready to throw it at me If I hurt her

I imagine her throwing this at my heart
Melting what’s left of it
But I know if I upset her
then with her hands
she’ll create a little tornado inside
My heart and make it explode from inside out
Sending red shards everywhere
Idea is I shouldn’t hurt her
She can heal me
and I can heal her
She creates a large tornado
To pick up all the pieces
and eventually closes in
and with her magic hands
She’ll piece all the red shards together
And place it inside my chest
Her eyes brightest I’ve see in a long time
Lights up the soul
Is she the invisible friend
That I’ve been longing to meet?
Maybe her heart is somewhere else now
But as she leaves, her hand strokes the cabinet
I wish my heart was the surface of the cabinet
And I could only imagine how her hand
On my heart would feel like
Because holding her hand
And touching her is like magic
It would also be like touching a red tulip
on a damp grey spring day of May
When one loves someone
We leave our hearts open to them
©2016 raj

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