Welcome to the Umbrella Asylum (Work in Progress)

Welcome to the Umbrella Asylum

Started off with an idea, but the more I thought about it, felt like putting a bit more of a hopeful positive spin on this. This is going to be a dysfunctional psych ward, I think it might be the first with some comic elements, I know its not nice to make fun of any topic related to this, but I’m hoping for everything to work out for everyone in this story, and there are some adult elements thrown in.

Patient 20, aka narcissist, loner, locked up for being a menace to society
Patient 13, a 6 foot man, strong built, in the ward for being unstable
Patient 15, hungry man, a human that doesn’t stop eating, and acts like a dog, attacks people for food
Patient 23, a quiet girl, absorbs everyone energy, reads and has healing properties that western science refuses to believe in.

Lenny, Psych Ward attendant extroverted person, relies heavily on conventional western science an older guy with a shaved head in his 50s, and his wife is Layla.

Layla, head nurse and Lenny’s wife. She supports Lenny’s style of therapy, though she feels bad because sometimes the patients do have points but Lenny believes in science only. Sometimes she injects a bit of fun.

Welcome to the Umbrella Asylum

This is where the society’s people that fall through the cracks
Come to stay and live for a while, mainly a reform place
They try to help people out, sometimes it works out
Other times it’s a bit more challenging

Lenny is a good person, gets caught up in his ways
His methodology, he has all his patient’s dossiers
and has prepared treatments for them
Some unconventional
Layla the head nurse, and wife of Lenny supports
Lenny’s ways but sometimes she goes around
To find out exactly what’s going on
She feels bad for the patients
She’s a bit more on the spiritual side
Lenny always says snap out of it
There is always a reason

Patient 20

Finally we locked Patient 20, they say
He won’t be bothering our girls anymore
I know, it’s about time society brought justice

He open his eyes
He’s there in the white room
Thinking its marriage, but his wrists and ankles
are bound with blond braided rope
And red blood stains of now deceased patients

Trying to break free he can’t
He’s hears the nurses behind the door
whispering, then he hears the words
Narcissist do you know what that means?
Abuser, bipolar, Mr. depression, disrespectful
Behavior problems, no means no, monster
we won all our battles, just like
How we won at everything,
And we had a good time haha
He’s picturing all these words coming out of his brain
in black letters, and being imprinted on the walls
For him to see there for the rest of his days
He can just picture them putting their hands
over their mouth, gossiping, laughing at him

He’s trying to react, but he can’t, he’s bound
And the nurses giggle, call him a’hole
finally we locked up
We are safe now girl, text your friends
He hears the distance of their heels now
Realizing they are walking away

He looks out the window, it’s raining as always
he’s overlooking the Umbrella Asylum garden
his face expressionless, his eyes teary
As usual he can’t cry, his emotions being locked up

Out in the distance he sees a colored umbrella
Approaching closely and everything else is dull
he tries struggles to free himself from the restraints
to reach the window but can’t
Its slowly making its way halfway into the garden
Stops in the middle

The umbrella been hiding the face,
now the umbrella is tilted back
And he sees her face
and he sees big blue tears
like the size of garbage bags
coming out of her eyes
and splashing onto the ground

She spins the umbrella
and keeps crying there
He’s still struggling but he can’t escape
They are keeping him locked up in here
For society’s safety

He can’t control his emotions
girls around him need a security detail
The restraint warrant wasn’t enough
So now comes the Umbrella Asylum

He doesn’t understand why in a crowd of people
In the night drinking away, and talking
When she laughs he feels it in his chest
Even if she’s not in sight and
he is able to pick up on her laugh and feel it
He really thinks he’s crazy
And probably deserves to be locked up here
For bothering her
Maybe he cares about her
Just like when people you like, friends, family
You try to hold their emotions closer

But he looks out the window
Tries to see her again
They lock eyes, but then her figure disappears
and the umbrella falls to the ground
The rain pours harder, lightning flashes
and thunder roars

2 – R for Rain

He watches the rain fall
Says to himself R for Rain
But he’s starting to forget his name
And ponders about life
A thunder bolt strikes the forest in the distance
sending chills throughout his body

Eventually he falls asleep
he dreams of a woman in a white dress
Reaching out her hand to him
From the window
but her face is masked

Then he hears the nurse unlock the door
And say medication time
‘Time for another shot of reality’ Layla says
He feels the needle in his arm

Dream Patient 20

He’s still tied up
Before the window, he wakes up its night time
He sees Lenny’s face, looking at him wide eyed
appears in the window in black and white
Smiling with his glasses on
The words of reason come out
‘Narcissist do you know what that means?’
With this famous smile and laugh, ‘hahahhahahha’
‘Nooooooooooooooooooo’ Patient 20 screams.
He falls back asleep
He wakes up again, and sees a woman’s face
She says you’re a beautiful, kind, soul,
Surprised that anyone would say that about it
He holds onto those words in this place
He wonders who is the person that thinks of him like that
Which is keeping him going through this time
Someone actually sees a bit of light in his darkened soul

Patient 13

This patient is a 6 foot tall man
Build like a tank, and works out a lot
Before being instituted
After his gym sessions he would go crazy
And start throwing dumbbells against the wall

After he would bench press male and female colleagues
against their will
So the time was for him to be locked away
He would interrupt Yoga classes
And start bench pressing the yoga instructor
Everyone would look and think this is a prank
He even made a youtube sensation for a while
At the cost of his mental degradation

But the nurses here have fun with him
Whipping him, but Lenny is working out a plan

Patient 15

He was a normal human, until one day
Stresses of life took over
And he would empty out the fridge
In his home, and eat all the food
It got to a point where he would break into
Neighbors houses and empty out their fridges
His neighbors would come home
Wondering who broke into their house
and eat all their food
This kept happening, and one day
While he was eating he saw a dog come in and eat
from his dog bowl
He jumped on the dog, and started eating with the dog
from then he learned to behave like a dog
Barking at strangers, licking people
He would run around in circles in the backyard barking
It got to a point where he started raiding grocery stores

And one day,
There were a group of people standing at a bus stop
On a busy boulevard, some citizens were playing on their phones
and all you would see is a man crossing the street
Looking right at you and not caring for oncoming cars
Then he would run and jump on you
Start licking your face and barking
And take your purse look for good and eat your lunch
right in front of your eyes scaring people

So now the nurses have a dog bowl labeled Roger the dog
near his room and slide in when its food time
Patient 23

A quiet girl, with thick blonde and brown hair
she loves reading and staying home
Its almost her second home
She’s here, cause she dreams her entire life
To the point where reality and dreams got so blurred
She wasn’t able to tell the difference anymore
Her feelings took over her like storms
Wherever she went, no one wanted to take
The time to understand her and work with her
Her parents decided that she should seek help

She always has a stack of books next to her
she lives in every story
And if a story has a sad ending
she throws it against the wall a hundred times
Until its spine breaks, she’ll rip out the pages
curse each negative page
and use it to dry her tears
but in the process
giving her face little papercuts
Then her tears sting the new cuts
Making everything worse
How much she yearns for a man
Just to catch and dry her tears for a change
She runs to the window
looking at her face, crying
thinks to herself no one likes me
For who she is
and how she dreams of being married
She imagines her lavish wedding ceremony going on
Roses of all the colors
Everything works, even her quirks
finding a man that will understand her
And her feelings is a must

She takes her markers
Draws grey hearts on the floor
and near the door while crying

Then she draws and colors in
yellow hearts on the window frame
Showing how the sun gets in
then blue hearts on the wall for each patient that is there
Including herself
Including all the men that broke her heart before
Next to her drawing by the bottom right of the window
She has a bride and groom standing there,
A short dress is drawn
green hills and the sun too
And red hearts around it
How she always dreams of getting married

But will she ever get out of here alive?

She sees the orange school bus rushing in the distance
Maybe someone is leaving or staying
So she watches by the window
the bus pulls up and the lady bus driver comes out
in business suit, and clipboard
Talking to Lenny and Layla
She sees the lady tapping on the clipboard
and signing some forms
Out comes patient 20, numbers on the front and back
In black letters, and white suit
She sees the pain in his eyes, the sadness
weighting down on him like rocks
She watches him in silence
Her heart skips a beat
she feels for him
after they let him in
she grabs her blue marker
and adds another blue heart to the wall

She sits down and thinks how she could find a magic wand
Break out of her door
fire out lightning bolts to unlock each door
and send out healing vibes
To the ward and heal everyone
so everyone can be free but its just a dream

She gets her favorite soft purple velvet book
hugs it so tightly and she goes in her corner
lies down with her knees to her chest
And smiles, this is one of her better days

to be continued

©2016 Rajinder


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