Christina Grimmie


Christina Grimmie (1994-2016) sourced from Facebook Page

When I saw the headlines today I had to wait a bit, because I could not believe it. I waited till more headlines came in, then the news sunk in that she passed away.

I remember first hearing her song Liar Liar, at a swim meet in the summer years ago, where I was doing volunteering photography for an old friend of mine, for synchro teams. I also heard the song on the radio, and I think I heard the artist’s name there, either way I cannot remember exactly.

As for the song Liar Liar, listen to the opening piano piece, melody really catchy and nice.

Studio Version

Find me, is a pretty good song too, and this acoustic one she really hits the high notes.

The song Not Fragile, listen to the part at ~2:20 mark, its great.

I really liked her voice, talent and that she writes, cowrites her songs is great.

I haven’t had a chance to listen to her most recent work but I will.
Its terrible what happened, my condolences to her friends, family, fans.



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