Christina Grimmie – With Love


With Love – source


Over overthinking you – great song, I think its jazzy, funk like
Absolutely final goodbye – quick piano piece,
Make it work – melodic, jazzy
Get yourself together – good song.
With Love – starts off a bit slower, more piano, softer
Tell my Mama – another jazzy beat
Feelin’ Good – upbeat different kind of tune really great
The one I Crave – pretty cool upbeat
I bet you don’t curse God – This is a really soft emotional song and her voice in this is amazing, and towards the end of the song, she hits notes, like I last heard Carrie Underwood pull, but Christina Grimmie’s voice gives me the chills, in a great way, very impressed with her voice, this really showcases her talent.
Think of you – another slower song great
My Anthem– sounds like a uklele, more unplugged like.

This is a very jazzy, upbeat album, some funky bass lines here and there, lots of piano makes its way into the compositions. The compositions are more focus on all the instruments except for a few songs. Again I bet you don’t curse God really showcases her voice and lyrics too.

This is my first listen to the album, I really liked this as its different from the Find Me EP, and more jazzy, funky, while still showcasing her voice. Another great album with great lyrics.



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