Silenced Voice

its just a simple piece dedicate this to the late Christina Grimmie, my condolences to all those affected.

Signing her name on stranger’s pages
she supports them for supporting her
Bringing joy to their lives
When they hear her voice live
they feel the emotional reaction
inside themselves

But three bullets
One piercing her heart
To drain the blood out of her body slowly
One piercing her brain
To slow down her brain activity
One piercing her larynx
To silence her voice forever

So now those that believed in her
Only have her recordings to listen to
While they sit on the sidewalk
Broken with the news
and earphones plugged in
listening to her songs
With their tear soaked autographed pages in hand

its saddening that her voice is now silenced
And sad that she’s gone, angels carry her to the heavens
But her voice will carry on in the wind
©2016 rajinder


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