I really believe in the whole soulmates. And sometimes things will come up, a recent event happened and I didn’t even expect it and it played out before me.

I would read things up online and its interesting to see how other people’s experiences are, some bad, some good. I’m sharing this also, cause I go online and read up other people’s experience, so it’s nice to share some things sometimes.

There was a person that I really thought at that time that she was the one, see the piece, parts of it came true after, and when it happened it really shocked me

I missed out some details. Sometimes I think no one believed me about it, and they probably still do not. The more it makes sense now, being left out too long.

Let’s say that someone you know appears in recent dreams. Sometimes throughout the day, some elements of this will come true and can shock someone sometimes, because I am already an anxious, nervous person, and I have wanted to talk to those involved with this, some just cannot which is okay. But we are not that close, so it would be really weird if I were to drop these thoughts on someone that you know little about them, they might look at me weird already, or think you’re already crazy, call authorities  or call a shrink. I think its better to say nothing, hence backing away, even people recently I wanted to talk to, but if they did not think, or open in the same way, and a lot of other factors. They might think of me as crazy and there are limitations on my end too. I think we would be talking about it rather than me writing a post about this. Anyways that’s my experience, so stay quiet about it.

So the take away is that if you’re with someone, and they appear in dreams and parts of it come true during the day, that’s good, I mean, in my mind, it’s almost like spiritual bonding, maybe they want to say something, symbols, I could be way off my rocker on that one, but to me if you’re a little bit open, religious, spiritual, then events make sense, otherwise people will just make fun of you, label you, shun you, call you crazy, and drop you.

The overall message I would like to say, is that if you have someone like that in your life that you talk to and are close, never let them go. By reading these articles on soulmates, twin flames, its nice to see people looking for the deeper connection and love which is great to see that.

©2016 rajinder


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