Gifts are lonely

starts off like gifts, just added on some elements.

He sees gifts floating in the December sky
People say Santa is going to fly this Christmas Eve
He doesn’t take much notice at the time
then asks someone they see it too in the sky
and they laugh say you’re seeing things

Months later he will still see signs of it
he’s reminded of a dream that bothered from that month
But no one ever told him what it meant
When he asked
He holds onto the miserable dream
That will never come alive
That it was meant for someone

He stands on the open field
watching the sky and waiting for Christmas

He still stands there like a lost dog
Now its summer dummy
He forgot now what he was fixated on
he watches what looks like angels in the sky
batting their shiny wings
And lighting the gifts on fire
They face him and shrug their shoulders
and with the torch they motion contempt at him
and some of the gifts have fuses which they light
and stay a safe distance away
and explode like fireworks

The angels watch it explode
and he watches the pieces fall to the ground
In the distance
He wants to collect the pieces
but from the fresh black earth comes out the devil’s hands
grabbing hold of the outside of his ankles
He’s not going anywhere

He thinks about it some more
While standing
and realizes gifts like people
Sit under the tree for days
Gifts are lonely until opened up
unwrapped, talked to, held and hugged
like by those that love each other spiritually
©2016 Rajinder


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