Ariel Levy – book review

Ariel Levy book review

This post was just supposed to be writing a few words about Ariel Levy’s book, but then I find the need to add elements. I would add a lot more, but maybe another time. At this point, since I’m doing this off memory, I almost want to dig up my course notes and write more about; maybe I will get around to it.

I heard about Female Chauvinist Pigs – by Ariel Levy in a debating sex and gender class I took at least a decade ago for the gender studies certificate. The teacher suggested we read it and it was a suggestion from a student. I ordered the book read it and found it really interesting. It was right where my views were about some things, and I still stand by them today.

In class, we read lots of different articles, learned a lot, gender terms, we watched some videos, and read people’s stories of those with ambiguous genitalia and then when those involved made a decision on the gender because things weren’t well defined and after the person would have to change orientation, it can be a very complex and challenging for those involved.

We also learned about the beefcaking of american men. The more I think about it, its relevant too with the men’s body images too.

In addition, If I remember correctly, Ariel mentioned that women in the past were working towards equal rights, while for some today it is the raunch culture. Obviously the gender equality, pay equality and lots of other issues are relevant.

I liked how we got a small base of feminism, gender studies; I really liked how we were able to view different perspectives. I find Ariel’s book added on to that and it was really relevant as in I could relate to views I have and it was good. In other words, the gender theory was the primer and her book and views was like a bit of paint.

Different perspectives, provides a more balanced look at things and it’s also like reading a book written by a female and with female leads, e.g. Wolf Winter, female lead, mother and daughters, Valley of the Dolls,  Agent Carter Wiki TV show, how she’s always fighting the male bosses, and stereotypes of that time, probably played out differently today. I should get around to writing little blurbs about each.

Now I’m not at school, so not exposed to the trends, on what’s going on, e.g. whatever students, people do nowadays. I do not know anyone into these topics, so it would be have been nice to see what the trend is nowadays.

You can check out these urls for more analysis, its been so long that I read it I remember bits and pieces of it. I don’t want to spoil it too much either.

Ariel Levy’s Wiki book page

Ariel Levy’s Website

While on topic, I like how Trudeau chose a gender balanced cabinet as indicated here

CBC Article

And now in the UK there’s another female Prime Minister, Theresa May, which is good. Before the UK had Margaret Thatcher at the last female Prime Minister.

Theresa May Statement

Back to the book I remember it looking at the raunch culture, peer pressure, and certain people might use that to get ahead, attention. I find its a very relevant view into this, I find it added on to the base knowledge we had attained in our courses, and was really relevant take on what was going on then, and today too. The book was very accessible, straight forward to read, I learned some things in there I didn’t expect at all. I do think that if you are fortunate enough to have kids, daughters even boys, that are interested in these things, reading a book when like this makes one view things a bit different. Even just having them read it for learning is great too.

Overall, I really found Ariel’s book a really good read, informative, learned a lot and highly suggest it.

©2016 Rajinder



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