The Blue and the Black


The Blue and the Black

They are the blue and the black
like separate paint blobs on the painter’s palette
The artist’s brush lying on the wooden palette
She’s a petite white pigmented girl
With a royal blue dress
He’s a tall black pigmented man
in a black and purple suit
They stand next to each other
She’s smiling holding a large sunflower

They turn to face each other and kiss
she waves the sunflower in his face
He breathes in too much pollen
Overloading his sinuses
he sneezes and passes out on the flower bed
She falls on top of him

She caresses his forehead softly
sits beside him and
runs her fingers along his arms
Her white colored skin contrasting
with his black colored skin
showing each other’s acceptance of
a different color than their own
into their lives and heartbeats
Some choose to keep
The same colors paired together
But sometimes the painter’s palette tilts

She softly rips off each yellow sunflower pedal
reflecting each moment he’s out
And places them on his face,
arms and hands while smiling
She sits by him for a while
Laughing quietly at his yellow face and arms
Only his eyes and mouth are not covered
She takes photos to show him later
like the little prankster she is
She hears him breath
waiting for him to wake up

She checks the time
they have to go to their planned lavish event
People are eagerly waiting for them
She eyes the bell mounted on the white wall
she gets up and pulls the silver chain of the bell
chiming away like it’s the end of the world

He wakes up startled sending yellow pedals everywhere
and she laughs and jumps onto the adjacent flower bed
To hide amongst the green foliage
while she keeps laughing

He stands up slowly, coughing and
comes to his senses and follows her laugh
you can’t miss that royal blue dress color
amidst the tall plants
he approaches quietly and with his long arms
takes hold of her by the arms
lifts her off her feet
Turns her around like a ballerina on one foot
and rests her softly against the door
She wraps her arms around his body
they smile and kiss each other passionately
Remembering the times she would wait inside the house
Looking for his figure to appear behind the frosted window
He would open the heavy door and
She would greet him with open arms
and their lips kiss after an enduring day
Into each other’s arms the blue and black mixing together
joyfully by the artist’s brush on the painter’s palette
©2016 Rajinder


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