Wedding Ideas 1

There are just some wedding ideas I came across and shared with some people who I know are getting married.

I came across these on facebook, there’s a lot more.

If anyone is into design and I find these look pretty nice for wedding ideas

Ring in Heels Source

Becky & Leigh – July 11, 2015
I like the use of the rings in the heel


I really liked how they took Alice in Wonderland feel, very nice

Table and teacups source

Alice in Wonderland


indoors once is nice too

Candles source

Lianne & Dave – Oct 12, 2013


This one i really liked, I find they put a lot of thought into the design, like the billboards, on the welcome table, names on candies, dog portraits too, really really nice

welcome table source

Shanna & Matthew – October 9, 2015


There’s a lot more I could add to this post, but at a later time, I find it really good to see people getting committed, and getting married. One can dream about it.

©2016 raj


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