The Rain Marriage Part I

Photos by Ben Yew Photography is really nice.

August 29, 2016

The Rain Marriage – Part I

The painter tries to mix
the black on the wooden palette
but it’s too hard and thick like molasses
So he throws it against the tree
knocking it and damaging it
As it lands at the base of the oak tree
And he tightens the white paint too quickly
leaving a splotch on the black razor sharp grass
The painter quickly leaves this devilish color land
and runs into the land of colourful lights

In his world its only black
No one wants to paint in a black canvas world
it’s always raining cause
He’s dealing with a heart
filled with broken glass shards
every beat hurts inside his chest
The rain makes him cold like on a chilly winter day
and he shivers at the base of the leafless tree

But that little white splotch
dances around on his black canvas
and finds him at the base of the tree
pondering in his thoughts
The white splotch morphs into a woman
They smile and she dances vividly around him
With her hand on his heart
It melts the glass shards inside
lessening the pain inside
She takes the thick black paint off the broken palette
and rubs between her fingers then on her face and laughs
She takes his hand and a marriage ensues

He lifts her up and carries her
on the unpaved muddy path
so her dress doesn’t get dirty
his shoes are getting dirty
but that’s the start of what he’ll do for her

A white umbrella morphs out of her hands
and she carries it
sheltering them from the rain of his land
If you watch every raindrop off the rim
of the umbrella their reflections are now colorful
all like a little piece of heaven on earth
With every kiss they share she waves the flower bouquet
and leaving petals behind on their path
And these petals are slowly colouring their world
leaving behind pink, red, and lavender petals
as they keep sharing kisses

©2016 Rajinder




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