Tear Part I

Tear Part I

I get very emotional sometimes
maybe a bit too much lol, so if you cry,
its okay, I’ll give you a hug, lol virtual hug,
I could get all romantic and say things
like catch your tears or kiss them but….
in a friendly way cause that
would be reserved for someone you’re very close with,
A lover… or maybe family.. or at least wipe them…
with my dry torn sleeve
But I’m not reserved for that
I am not here to fill that role
like those superheroes in the movies
but he is
the man with the strong mind like iron bars
to keep evil like me locked away
The strong pale hands to move stones
to create your walkway to heaven
with the words of a real poet
singing in the streets
captivating the hearts of women
with perfect meter and rhyme
not like me crashing thoughts holding onto
the last bits and pieces of life wrought together
With nylon thread to roll with away with the wind
I am just like the ashes in your woodstove
After a night of keeping you both warm
just waiting to be scooped out by the strong hand
And thrown onto the grass in your backyard

While you both sing and wash dishes
and watch the rain fall, while one little tear
falls from your right eye
“It’s just a Tear” you tell him as it rolls down your face
he wipes it with his thumb and smiles
when you do cry a bit more
he can get their monogram tea mugs
to capture all your tears and listen
by the kitchen window

©2015-2016 Rajinder


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