The Rain Marriage Part 2

The Rain Marriage Part 2

18 November 2016

As he’s walking and holding her
her legs kicking with excitement
they feel a rush of air and this blows her out of his arms
she holds onto the white umbrella with one hand
she’s rising higher and higher
she knows if she lets go now she’ll fall and die like an autumn leaf
so she grasps the handle with her second hand
and yells out for his help

And she blows away with the fall wind
the source of color flying away with her
and leaving rose petals behind
he stands now shocked with his arms empty and crying
washing the dirt off his shoes
his tears making his world black and white again
the kids who beat him up for his lunch money
stand before him and the memories of them
back in high school and called him ‘reject’
after the first girl he asked out spread gossip about him
to fellow classmates like a parrot flying
in the school halls and entering every classroom with urgency
all the kids would drop their pencils and listen
the teacher would break their chalk on the board and laugh

they stand there holding hands with their husbands
one of the woman motions blowing wind
realizes that they were the ones blowing wind in their direction
they all point and laugh
“What a Crybaby!” “hahaha!”
“Loser can’t even hold his wife, she deserves someone better
Who can actually hold onto life, idiot!” “Stupid boy.”
“Look you’re still a reject haha, nothing has changed! But we have!”
And they walk hand in hand with their lovers
to the town of Mulberry
he realizes the past is in front of him
He sees the painter standing behind them
laughing and painting a new canvas
on his wooden easel with the slyest grin
painting so vigorously with the passion of revenge
scattering paint all over the place
into the air landing several feet in front of him
burning the grass
he thought he saw red and black colors
but the scene is now black and white to him
he sees the painter giving him the evil eye him again
and then signing his name at the bottom of the canvas
throwing his brush behind him over his shoulder
setting the forest on fire
he grabs the canvas and kicks the wooden easel
which falls over and breaks on the ground
And runs towards the town like a snatcher
He looks to the right and sees his wife
now in the distance small like a bird
returning to her nest in the woods
landing deep in the grey shaded forest
and starts making his labored way there
his shoes getting covered in thick mud
making his footsteps heavy
and taking a toll on his heart rate
thick drops of cold November rain start to fall

©2016 Rajinder


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