Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher



I heard about the heart attack and thought she’d pull through next thing I heard that she passed. Rest in peace, Condolences to her family and all, young age to go.

I came across lots of articles on her quotes, feminist ones, I didn’t realize how much other work she did and very impressed to say:

There is a lot more out on the web now.

Some of her quotes got me thinking about the whole gender and Star Wars, and then thought well I don’t remember seeing a woman with a light saber in the original series:

Carrie about the iconic gold metal bikini:

I agree with her perspective and I thought I remember seeing characters dolls:

I do remember Princess Leia from the movies in her white outfit and using her blaster on stormtroopers. I remember her role being more present and taking action compared to what other women’s role were written in several popular movies.

I have yet to watch the recent Star Wars movie.


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