The September Blanket II

The September Blanket II
By Rajinder B.

I dedicate The September Blanket and this piece to Cagney and family

Their baby crawls around on the red, white and black patterned blanket
while her father barely musters a smile and then his body dissipates to dust
she falls softly with the blanket onto the bed unaware of what happened
her mom cries a thousand endless tears drenching her blanket and pillow
while watching his heart rate monitor flat lines

she sees their daughter
lying on the bed as she reaches out with cold trembling hands
still bearing the pain of loss with every heartbeat
the blanket wraps itself around their daughter
that will keep her warm and away from the strange scalpels of the world
she picks up her daughter with a feeling that he is still here
watching over in a guiding silence

she holds her close and whispers her name
daddy loves you forever with big tears streaming down her face
the nurses smile as they wheel away his cold steel bed with a chilling heart
preparing it in haste for another patient
while sending out the dust across the room obstructing her sight

she kisses her little one’s forehead and holds onto her
As a part of her and him merged there in her arms
with a beating heart to create the joyous memories of tomorrow
Then the night takes over like a blanket covering a bed
and the dust settles softly clearing the view

She looks out the hospital window and sees the early morning sunrays
Shining in another day of hope, her heart still reeling from the pain
in her veil of tears she smiles knowing that they will all meet again
Sometime and someday at the edge of the world

Copyright ©2017 Rajinder B. All rights reserved.



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