2017 Kobo ereader lineup

2017 Kobo ereader lineup

Kobo Aura Edition 2

Kobo Aura

There was a previous version the Kobo Aura 2013, Kobo Aura original edition,
which was a very nice mode, flat bezel and screen, could be an issue when putting it face down. But it was a small form factor which was really popular with customers.

The Kobo Aura Edition 2, has 212ppi (pixels per inch), a step back from the Kobo Glo HD that it replaced with 300ppi. and the edition 2 has no microsd card.

This is a good entry level ereader, and portability is good. With 4 gigabytes of space able to hold around 3000 books. And the old estimate of two months of battery life with half hour usage a day. On their site it says weeks, so I’m guessing with regular usage.

The new Kobo Aura H20

Kobo Aura H20

It is an upgraded version of the Kobo Aura H20, which was a great selling ereader off the start. The new Kobo Aura H20 doubles the waterproof up to 60 minutes, and depth of 2 meters, IPX8. The addition of the blue light feature, and comfort light pro.

This is a great midrange ereader with the waterproof and comfort light pro feature.

Kobo Aura One

Kobo Aura One

The Kobo Aura One Is the flagship of the Kobo ereaders. It has the biggest screen at 7.8”, and 300ppi also the IPX8 certification and comfort light pro. The design is the flat front, the Kobo Aura, and some customers noted that when holding the ereader something the thumbs moves the pages forward, and hence why some may prefer the raised bezel. About half the battery life compared to the entry and midrange models, the old estimate was at one month. The storage capacity at 8 gigabytes to hold around 6000 books.
An overdrive app is featured in the software to borrow books from the library.

Some tips:

The recent models do not have a microsd expansion slot, and the power button is on the back. It is always suggested to buy the official Kobo branded cases to guarantee the functionality of the sleep wake feature, some third party cases could work also.

If you buy through the website, you can always add several books in the cart and process the checkout, rather than one by one through the ereader.

Logging into the Kobo website, you can view your purchase transaction for any troubleshooting with Kobo support. It is also good to share this, it has always been for the customers needing advice on ereader purchases and help.

If you have added a credit card to the Kobo device and pass it to your child, let’s say you have an old ereader or want to get them started there is the Kid’s account option
Kobo Kids account information

Kobo Audiobooks

This month Kobo has gotten into the business of Audiobooks, for a monthly fee or individual purchases.

Kobo Audiobooks

But you’ll need to run this on a smartphone either Android or Apple.

Kobo Audiobooks Google Play Store App

Itunes Audiobooks Store App

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