The Lost Poppy Part I

The Lost Poppy Part I
by Rajinder B

In a typical grocery store in the first world
A boy smiles as the veteran fixates a poppy on his vest
and the boy drops a quarter and they exchange smiles
the famous clanging of change is heard to those nearby

“My great grandfather Rodriguez was in the army
but he’s gone away to a better place, I never met him
and I’m going to call this, the Lost Poppy.”
The boy says and the veteran smiles back at him
he’s about to say something but then

“I overheard your great grandfather Rodriguez, haha,
I heard he couldn’t even shoot straight
if a target was right in front of him being a rifleman and all,
what a disgrace, he was in my great grandfather’s squad,
and he was the great sergeant Dolter.”
A young exuberant man belts out

The boy’s mom replies: “You are mean that’s my grandfather.”
“Spare me your defending that coward
instead of Lost Poppy, little boy, call him lost puppy,
jumping all over the field trying to avoid enemy bullets,
hahah, too bad he didn’t catch any fatal ones or do us all a favor
and land on a landmine and blow himself to little bits and pieces.”

The boy starts crying and
his mom starts wiping tears off his face with her thumbs
and the man laughs,
“Crybabies run in the family, haha!”
And walks out proudly with his case of twelve

“It’s okay sweety, there are mean people are everywhere.”
She tells him softly, while the veteran just watches quietly

As they walk outside the boy sees the man and overhears him yelling to his friends
“I met the Rodriguez’s”, they all laugh, “What a loser family!”
a young woman yells in a sharp sarcastic tone
he is now with all his friends comprised of men and women
the young generation in the parking lot supporting that popular view

The mom and son now walk home
the boy holding his mother’s right hand
He asks her, “When will daddy come home?”
She tightens her son’s hand with tear filled eyes
“I don’t know, my love.”

On foreign land during the chill of the rising ghostly morning
with black boots down in the muddy trenches a man looks
to the picture of his wife holding their infant son taken years ago
He brushes his left thumb over the creased, worn, black and white photo
he hears a shot fired in the distance, puts the memory away
and aims his rifle and fires a shot into the from the trenches
the name Rodriguez engraved on the stock of his troy defense rifle
Another generation of war in the trenches carries on

To be continued

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2017 Kobo ereader lineup

2017 Kobo ereader lineup

Kobo Aura Edition 2

Kobo Aura

There was a previous version the Kobo Aura 2013, Kobo Aura original edition,
which was a very nice mode, flat bezel and screen, could be an issue when putting it face down. But it was a small form factor which was really popular with customers.

The Kobo Aura Edition 2, has 212ppi (pixels per inch), a step back from the Kobo Glo HD that it replaced with 300ppi. and the edition 2 has no microsd card.

This is a good entry level ereader, and portability is good. With 4 gigabytes of space able to hold around 3000 books. And the old estimate of two months of battery life with half hour usage a day. On their site it says weeks, so I’m guessing with regular usage.

The new Kobo Aura H20

Kobo Aura H20

It is an upgraded version of the Kobo Aura H20, which was a great selling ereader off the start. The new Kobo Aura H20 doubles the waterproof up to 60 minutes, and depth of 2 meters, IPX8. The addition of the blue light feature, and comfort light pro.

This is a great midrange ereader with the waterproof and comfort light pro feature.

Kobo Aura One

Kobo Aura One

The Kobo Aura One Is the flagship of the Kobo ereaders. It has the biggest screen at 7.8”, and 300ppi also the IPX8 certification and comfort light pro. The design is the flat front, the Kobo Aura, and some customers noted that when holding the ereader something the thumbs moves the pages forward, and hence why some may prefer the raised bezel. About half the battery life compared to the entry and midrange models, the old estimate was at one month. The storage capacity at 8 gigabytes to hold around 6000 books.
An overdrive app is featured in the software to borrow books from the library.

Some tips:

The recent models do not have a microsd expansion slot, and the power button is on the back. It is always suggested to buy the official Kobo branded cases to guarantee the functionality of the sleep wake feature, some third party cases could work also.

If you buy through the website, you can always add several books in the cart and process the checkout, rather than one by one through the ereader.

Logging into the Kobo website, you can view your purchase transaction for any troubleshooting with Kobo support. It is also good to share this, it has always been for the customers needing advice on ereader purchases and help.

If you have added a credit card to the Kobo device and pass it to your child, let’s say you have an old ereader or want to get them started there is the Kid’s account option
Kobo Kids account information

Kobo Audiobooks

This month Kobo has gotten into the business of Audiobooks, for a monthly fee or individual purchases.

Kobo Audiobooks

But you’ll need to run this on a smartphone either Android or Apple.

Kobo Audiobooks Google Play Store App

Itunes Audiobooks Store App

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The September Blanket II

The September Blanket II
By Rajinder B.

I dedicate The September Blanket and this piece to Cagney and family

Their baby crawls around on the red, white and black patterned blanket
while her father barely musters a smile and then his body dissipates to dust
she falls softly with the blanket onto the bed unaware of what happened
her mom cries a thousand endless tears drenching her blanket and pillow
while watching his heart rate monitor flat lines

she sees their daughter
lying on the bed as she reaches out with cold trembling hands
still bearing the pain of loss with every heartbeat
the blanket wraps itself around their daughter
that will keep her warm and away from the strange scalpels of the world
she picks up her daughter with a feeling that he is still here
watching over in a guiding silence

she holds her close and whispers her name
daddy loves you forever with big tears streaming down her face
the nurses smile as they wheel away his cold steel bed with a chilling heart
preparing it in haste for another patient
while sending out the dust across the room obstructing her sight

she kisses her little one’s forehead and holds onto her
As a part of her and him merged there in her arms
with a beating heart to create the joyous memories of tomorrow
Then the night takes over like a blanket covering a bed
and the dust settles softly clearing the view

She looks out the hospital window and sees the early morning sunrays
Shining in another day of hope, her heart still reeling from the pain
in her veil of tears she smiles knowing that they will all meet again
Sometime and someday at the edge of the world

Copyright ©2017 Rajinder B. All rights reserved.


eHarmony rejection

eHarmony rejection
By Rajinder B.


Source: eHarmony

This was back in 2010, and then I tried a second time and same result, just like in person. It happens to a bunch of people. Supposedly their matching system is pretty comprehensive, but I wonder how well it is for people that are able to use it.

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Mio and Garmin activity trackers

Mio and Garmin activity trackers
By Rajinder B.
Fitbits are really good trackers, but from what I heard when its low to medium activity its precise, but when its medium to high activity it can be less precise.
I haven’t heard if anyone’s tried it but have a look at Pure Pulse Guidelines.
Fitbit suggets wearing it 2-3 fingers width from the wrist bone may help.



Mio Slice, source

I was informed about the Mio brand of trackers, Mio’s website.
Their heart rate monitor is very accurate, they compare it to chest straps. The recent model is the Mio Slice. If someone is looking mainly for heart measurement this would be a recommended one to check out. Its water resistant to 30m, 3 ATM.

They rely more on the Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) score, as seen here. It looks like a very good activity tracker.


Garmin has activity trackers.


Garmin Vivosmart 3, source

One of which is the Vivosmart 3, seen here, and it works with all three major devices iPhone®, Android™, and Windows®.

It uses similar technology like the Fitbit green LED’s to estimate heart rate. And the usual the tracker being worn off the wrist bone.

And a lot more specialized ones, if you’re into specific sports, like golfing, cycling, swimming and lots of other sports, seen here.

I heard good things about Garmin activity trackers.

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By Rajinder B.

Fitbit Official Site

Fitbit is a popular activity tracker and here is just an overview of some of the models current models 2017.

Fitbit Zip

Fitbit Zip

Is an older model, but the clip on tracker, and uses a coin cell battery. This is good for those who just want to track their steps and activity through the Fitbit app. You can mount to your belt, strap, and shoes.

Fitbit One

Fitbit One

Clip on like the zip, but this one has sleep tracking too, comes with a sleep wristband to measure sleep.

Fitbit Flex 2

An updated version of the Flex, the Flex 2 is now waterproof, the rest of the Fitbit line are water resistant. The Flex 2 has pendants and bangles. Which can be accessorized really nicely, let’s say a night out on the town, as seen here
Flex 2 look
It looks very chic.

Fitbit Flex 2

There is also SmartTrack™ by Fitbit, which automatically detects certain sports after 15 minutes and records it accordingly rather than manually putting it into the app.

Fitbit Alta

Fitbit Alta

This model is like the flex, but with a display. The strap of the Flex 2 and Alta are the same. At first its very hard to secure the band, but later on it gets easier. Sometimes they can get lost. It is suggested to contact Fitbit to see what they can do. There is also smart phone notifications too.

Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta HR

This model is like the Alta, but with heart rate (HR) monitoring, Purepulse, which uses leds to measure. It is suggested to wear the HR models off the wrist bone for more accurate measurements. There are also Fitbit’s other technologies Fitbit Technologies

Also the Alta HR has a buckle on the watch strap, prevents accidental loss and for the HR measurement. This version is slimmer than the Charge 2.

Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2

This one came out a while ago, and it’s the previous Charge HR, but the Charge 2, you can change the wristband. Also has a bigger screen, to see the time, notifications, timer, and this model also monitoring breathing sessions, and interchangeable wrist band.

Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Blaze

This one resembles the smart watches, color display. GPS connect, need to have GPS on your phone in order to track routes, a color display to interface with the Fitbit app, as in to add activities. Depending on your budget, a smart watch could be an alternative.

Fitbit Surge

Fitbit Surge

The Surge has been around for a while and this has GPS built in, good for tracking routes.


Fitbit Aria

This is the Fitbit scale, it connects with your Fitbit account and you can keep track of everything fitness related. This can be a complete package of activity monitoring.


As with most trackers you need to put in which activity you’re doing, but there are more detection algorithms. Like with all trackers, after several days or weeks, needs to be synchronized as the device can only buffer so much data.
You can set up several trackers on one account.
These how to videos can be really good for specific models

Developer Fitbit If anyone is into app development, and wants to create apps with Fitbit data this can be really interesting.


If it doesn’t sync, try turning off Bluetooth, rebooting the phone/tablet, uninstalling, reinstalling the app, and resetting the tracker according to Fitbit’s instructions.

Fitbit Help

Any issue you can always contact Fitbit support, they are very helpful.

Fitbit Extras

Public School Nyc

Collaboration with Public School.

Fitbit Ambassadors including Gabby Reece, volleyball player.

And a fun video with American dancer Julianne Hough.


Overall you can use the Fitbit Comparaison to compare the different models of Fitbits. You can add your friends to compete against. I have heard that if you have friends with another company tracker, you can push the data into the Myfitnesspal then compare. There are many other apps like Fitbit Partnerships.

If you’re in the market for extra bands, definitely check out the Fitbit website, but there also third party ones available from Ebay, and Amazon.

There are other trackers out there, but Fitbits are really good general trackers.

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Where they found her – Kimberly McCreight

Where they found her – Kimberly McCreight
By Rajinder B.

Where they found her – Harper Collins

The synopsis of this story is bleak; the main character suffers a personal loss and has to work an assignment that is close to it. It takes place in a suburban town, university and lots of tragedy.
Kimberly’s character development is really good, as each perspective is different, her ability to write it was well executed. The pacing of the story was really good, the back and forward, even the twist was really interesting. If you liked The Girl on the Train, I highly recommend reading this one.

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A New Model – Ashley Graham

A New Model – Ashley Graham
by Rajinder B


Source A New Model – Ashley Graham

Available from Harper Collins

Available from

Ashley Graham appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated. For a while she’s appeared in the media as a proponent of curvy models.


Source Hailey Clauson, Ashley Graham and Ronda Rousey.

Her book A New Model, is a really good read. She goes right from the beginning of her model career, the ups and downs and says it in a really good uplifting way. There’s a lot involved with being a model, as she details, setting up preparing for shoots, then going on the walkway. She even goes through how being a curvy girl, plus size, being bullied by designers, stylists even by salespersons. I could only imagine being a curvy girl in a group of mean bullies, queen bees, and so on. She also mentions how it still goes on today. She makes a lot of good points how some high end designer clothing still do not have plus sizes, making it more challenging for woman to pick out outfits, but she does give tips on how one can mix and match different outfits. She’s featured in several line of clothing.

Swimsuits for all

Addition Elle

Ashley Graham’s Official Shop

Ashley Graham’s page


Source Ashley’s first magazine cover as mentioned in her book

In her book she really gives good all around advice, to modeling, relationships with Justin (her husband), and many areas of life. It was a really good read, highly recommend, as she says: “Beauty beyond size.”

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Paula Hawkins – The Girl on the Train review

Paula Hawkins – The Girl on the Train review
By Rajinder B

I read this one and really enjoyed the lead character Rachel, around page 41, you have one of her famous rants. Which are along the lines of female jealously. Her rants are great.
The story is told from three different perspectives. Rachel. Megan and Anna. Each character has their issues, but someone it crosses.
It starts off with Rachel on her daily commute seeing the ideal couple from the train window and from there the story starts.
I found it to be a really good thriller with female leads, I couldn’t put it down. If you like thrillers, highly recommended read.

Paula Hawkins page

There is also a movie, which I have not seen yet, but heard it was good.

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