Tablet Purchase

Here are just some tips from some of the experience I have if you are in the market for tablets.

  • Apple Tablets:
    • If you already have content, music, movies, bought on Itunes, just stick to Apple.
    • If you already have an Iphone, Ipad, or willing to try it out.
    • Will work well with Apple TV, can do mirroring, stream Itunes content. 
  • Android tablets
    • A bit more flexible in terms of customization
    • Different brands skin theirs differently so they may look different but its very similar
    • Some brands add bundled software
    • Good to buy from Google Play store, as those ones are considered clean Android (raw operating system).
    • Samsung: they have really nice screens, great cameras
    • RCA brand tablets: was told by a customer that these are good budget tablets, for everyday use, available at local Walmart.
    • TV streamers to use, Roku, Chromecast.
  • Microsoft Surface Tablet
    • I find these are great tablets, as they give you the desktop mode, as we’re used to working on with many windows, and access to full screen applications like on the tablets
    • If you need something more for business, excel, word, numbers, these can be great choice.
    • Windows RT: can only load apps from the Microsoft Store
    • Windows Pro: can be used like a regular computer, install any apps, like a laptop
    • The keyboard offered magnetically attaches, and doesn’t need charging and acts like a case. With the Android, and Apple, most are bluetooth and need charging after several months of use.

Best would be to try it out in stores, get a feel for each device, and if you have friends or family members that have any of these devices try them out.
Also can check out reviews on major sites, or internet search the model, brand and reviews.

Hope this helps, will update.




If you’re in the market for a new reader, I would suggest looking into the Kobo Ereaders if you have a chance.

So far with the Kobo Ereaders, you can

I heard things about Amazon Ereaders, that they have features like lock screens.

Hope this helps a bit, will update.