A New Model – Ashley Graham

A New Model – Ashley Graham
by Rajinder B


Source A New Model – Ashley Graham

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Ashley Graham appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated. For a while she’s appeared in the media as a proponent of curvy models.


Source Hailey Clauson, Ashley Graham and Ronda Rousey.

Her book A New Model, is a really good read. She goes right from the beginning of her model career, the ups and downs and says it in a really good uplifting way. There’s a lot involved with being a model, as she details, setting up preparing for shoots, then going on the walkway. She even goes through how being a curvy girl, plus size, being bullied by designers, stylists even by salespersons. I could only imagine being a curvy girl in a group of mean bullies, queen bees, and so on. She also mentions how it still goes on today. She makes a lot of good points how some high end designer clothing still do not have plus sizes, making it more challenging for woman to pick out outfits, but she does give tips on how one can mix and match different outfits. She’s featured in several line of clothing.

Swimsuits for all

Addition Elle

Ashley Graham’s Official Shop

Ashley Graham’s page


Source Ashley’s first magazine cover as mentioned in her book

In her book she really gives good all around advice, to modeling, relationships with Justin (her husband), and many areas of life. It was a really good read, highly recommend, as she says: “Beauty beyond size.”

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Paula Hawkins – The Girl on the Train review

Paula Hawkins – The Girl on the Train review
By Rajinder B

I read this one and really enjoyed the lead character Rachel, around page 41, you have one of her famous rants. Which are along the lines of female jealously. Her rants are great.
The story is told from three different perspectives. Rachel. Megan and Anna. Each character has their issues, but someone it crosses.
It starts off with Rachel on her daily commute seeing the ideal couple from the train window and from there the story starts.
I found it to be a really good thriller with female leads, I couldn’t put it down. If you like thrillers, highly recommended read.

Paula Hawkins page

There is also a movie, which I have not seen yet, but heard it was good.

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Stephen King’s The Shining review

Stephen King’s The Shining review
By Rajinder B

I read The Shining quite a while ago and really liked it. I saw the movie too, obviously the book goes a lot more into detail, you get a lot more slow psychological trouble that Jack goes through. How Danny shine’s comes about too. It’s really set in the 1970s, with references to products, media, of that time. Clever use of ‘redrum’ and I find the book really well written, and really well done.
If you’re into horror, definitely a must read.

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Hayley Atwell

Agent Carter

I found Agent Carter, spy, a really good show to watch, I liked Hayley’s Atwell portrayal of Peggy Carter, an agent fighting the typical female stereotypes in the 1940s. I find the banter and exchange between her and the bosses entertaining, but its true at that time she had to fight that and do her work on top of it. It’s like getting tossed under the bus while she’s doing her job.

Jarvis, her stiff ally, Stark’s butler, banter between Peggy and him is fun to watch.

It ran for one season, then it was renewed, and cancelled due to ratings. I was disappointed to see that, because I really got into the show.

I find it great how Agent Coulson in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. made mention that Peggy Carter built their base up and lots of history to go with it. There was even a crossover episode too.

It’s a really good 1940s spy show to watch.




This url can better describe than what I’m doing here.

Hayley portrayed Hayes Morrison, as head of the Conviction Integrity Unit.
Again she challenges minor stereotypes, obstacles again, but on a different level, not as straightforward as Agent Carter.

The same banter like with Jarvis happens with Wallace, portrayed by Eddie Cahill. Its best described by them:

Not giving too much away I really enjoyed watching this show, the dynamics and the story developed more as shows progressed. There is a lot more going on in the show with other characters, espically between Connor Wallace and Hayes Morrison, as they deepen their relationship. It’s almost like a mix of CSI involved, with some differences, but this show got cancelled too.

I really like the character she gets to do, and she does it really well.

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Ami de nulle part partie I

Ami de nulle part partie I

Je me dis quelque chose ne va pas
comme les engrenages briser
après beaucoup de conversations

Il me pousse trop pour savoir
pénétrer mon cerveaux avec ces tournevis de mots
et il n’arrête pas de tourner les vis
qui vient de toute les angles
qui m’affect ma mémoire
tout le temps pour pousser l’amour de loin?
Est-ce-qu’il rit de moi avec ses amis?
Je me retrouve dans mes pensées seules

Même si je lui demande pour la vérité
je ne sais pas si il va me dire
Personne ne va me dire
C’est comme avec les amis antécédents
cesser d’arrêter de parle quand elle et il veut
On ne sait pas si la fin de la vie apporte le silence
ou la chanson des anges

Peut-être c’est ca pourquoi quand je vois les personnes
ils peuvent voir derrière tous mes pensées
Et me couper en mille morceaux avec leurs commentaires
construit avec l’intelligence psychologique
et je suis incapable de voir derrière leurs yeux

Je disais c’était un honneur mais maintenant
je ne suis trop sure
si je repense a tout ca
Il voulait savoir chaque de mes pensées
mes journées qui j’aimais
Pourquoi? Pour leur avertir de mon existence?
Pour leur protéger en silence
Pour préparer une attaque tragique contre moi
pour m’envoyer à un centre de psychiatrie
ou un prison ou elles veulent que je sois pour le restant de mes jours
parce que quelques humains d’ici me haïssent si tellement
Je crois que cette haine est personnelle envers moi et mes valeurs

Je me sens différent de ne pas subir aux interrogations pénibles
c’était toujours d’être en amour pour moi
pas encore donner un bisou
sur les lèvres d’une fille
mes amis ont déjà fait

SI il y a une femme qui est la pour moi
destinée comme le soleil
elle comprendra
on sera dans le coin
sur la même page tâché avec des larmes séchées
en train d’écrire et tourner les pages plier
depuis le début du temps

Mais c’est comme je vois la porte des mariages
que les femmes tiennent pour l’homme
les gars viennent et partent
les filles viennent et partent
quelques personnes restent jusqu’à la fin des jours et plus
et moi je reste toujours dehors en train de creuser mon tombe
avec mes mains qui devient vieux devant mes yeux
et mes idées d’amour romantique vont mourir avec moi
je n’ai pas beaucoup de temps les aiguilles de ma montre tourne vite
une fille ne va jamais me laisser rentrer dans son porte de mariage
j’attends le silence des anges pour me prendre dans le sommeil

À continuer…

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Tear Part I

Tear Part I

I get very emotional sometimes
maybe a bit too much lol, so if you cry,
its okay, I’ll give you a hug, lol virtual hug,
I could get all romantic and say things
like catch your tears or kiss them but….
in a friendly way cause that
would be reserved for someone you’re very close with,
A lover… or maybe family.. or at least wipe them…
with my dry torn sleeve
But I’m not reserved for that
I am not here to fill that role
like those superheroes in the movies
but he is
the man with the strong mind like iron bars
to keep evil like me locked away
The strong pale hands to move stones
to create your walkway to heaven
with the words of a real poet
singing in the streets
captivating the hearts of women
with perfect meter and rhyme
not like me crashing thoughts holding onto
the last bits and pieces of life wrought together
With nylon thread to roll with away with the wind
I am just like the ashes in your woodstove
After a night of keeping you both warm
just waiting to be scooped out by the strong hand
And thrown onto the grass in your backyard

While you both sing and wash dishes
and watch the rain fall, while one little tear
falls from your right eye
“It’s just a Tear” you tell him as it rolls down your face
he wipes it with his thumb and smiles
when you do cry a bit more
he can get their monogram tea mugs
to capture all your tears and listen
by the kitchen window

©2015-2016 Rajinder

The September Blanket

The September Blanket

The woolen September
red, white and black pattern blanket lies
on the lonely shelf
covered with light dust
He lies in his white hospital bed
left side of his brain hurting
surgeries to remove the disease

Meanwhile his wife is in labour downstairs
sometimes hope is just a moment in time
lasting like the sound heartbeat on the cardiac monitor by his bed
as reality weighs over him in the room
like a grenade beating in his heart
and the string is reality of his health

Sometime his thoughts drift
and the string pulls itself
exploding his heart from the inside out
spraying blood all over the walls and ceilings
The nurses have to come in and laboriously clean it up
on step stools wiping blood down with white cloth
turning to heavy red weights in their hands
wringing it in the blood water colored bucket
to pass on the walls again
and to clear the windows to let the light in again
start of most lives, the water is clear and bubbly
once life the heart ends the water becomes red and heavy
then one of them is mopping the ceiling
arms over exhausted running a few passes
hit the cracked fluorescent light cover
it shatters and falls to the ground
another job for the sweepers

He may not hear their newborn cry
he’s awakened by the nurses moving his bed
with the widest smiles he’s seen in a while
they decide to bring him downstairs
to be with his wife, that he hears her cries from outside
they wheel him in quietly as a surprise
like the first day they met
they park his bed next to hers
like cars in the parking lot huddled together
he sees his wife exhausted with the labour

she gives him that exhausted look he knows too well
and he lies there, extending his hand for support
she takes hold of his supporting her during the life giving session
the grenade disintegrating from his heart
while she gives birth to their lovely daughter
she holds her with joy and smile
they both share wide smiles

He is unable to talk well
the nurses place their baby on him
weighting lightly on his chest
like the softest pillow
And he touches her hand and shoulder
and rests it on her small frame
he talks to her the way he can
as she lays sleeping
the feeling indescribable for them

He thought the blanket of September
would be cold and plastic covering his head
and wrapping around his cold body
but he can breathe again and hope for now
as all three smile with each other
Let the woolen red, white and black pattern blanket
of September fly off the shelf
shaking off its old dust
swirling and refreshing itself in the air
spreading across both beds and landing
and hugging them to keep them warm
on a new day in life

©2016 Rajinder

The Rain Marriage Part I

Photos by Ben Yew Photography is really nice.

August 29, 2016

The Rain Marriage – Part I

The painter tries to mix
the black on the wooden palette
but it’s too hard and thick like molasses
So he throws it against the tree
knocking it and damaging it
As it lands at the base of the oak tree
And he tightens the white paint too quickly
leaving a splotch on the black razor sharp grass
The painter quickly leaves this devilish color land
and runs into the land of colourful lights

In his world its only black
No one wants to paint in a black canvas world
it’s always raining cause
He’s dealing with a heart
filled with broken glass shards
every beat hurts inside his chest
The rain makes him cold like on a chilly winter day
and he shivers at the base of the leafless tree

But that little white splotch
dances around on his black canvas
and finds him at the base of the tree
pondering in his thoughts
The white splotch morphs into a woman
They smile and she dances vividly around him
With her hand on his heart
It melts the glass shards inside
lessening the pain inside
She takes the thick black paint off the broken palette
and rubs between her fingers then on her face and laughs
She takes his hand and a marriage ensues

He lifts her up and carries her
on the unpaved muddy path
so her dress doesn’t get dirty
his shoes are getting dirty
but that’s the start of what he’ll do for her

A white umbrella morphs out of her hands
and she carries it
sheltering them from the rain of his land
If you watch every raindrop off the rim
of the umbrella their reflections are now colorful
all like a little piece of heaven on earth
With every kiss they share she waves the flower bouquet
and leaving petals behind on their path
And these petals are slowly colouring their world
leaving behind pink, red, and lavender petals
as they keep sharing kisses

©2016 Rajinder



The Blue and the Black


The Blue and the Black

They are the blue and the black
like separate paint blobs on the painter’s palette
The artist’s brush lying on the wooden palette
She’s a petite white pigmented girl
With a royal blue dress
He’s a tall black pigmented man
in a black and purple suit
They stand next to each other
She’s smiling holding a large sunflower

They turn to face each other and kiss
she waves the sunflower in his face
He breathes in too much pollen
Overloading his sinuses
he sneezes and passes out on the flower bed
She falls on top of him

She caresses his forehead softly
sits beside him and
runs her fingers along his arms
Her white colored skin contrasting
with his black colored skin
showing each other’s acceptance of
a different color than their own
into their lives and heartbeats
Some choose to keep
The same colors paired together
But sometimes the painter’s palette tilts

She softly rips off each yellow sunflower pedal
reflecting each moment he’s out
And places them on his face,
arms and hands while smiling
She sits by him for a while
Laughing quietly at his yellow face and arms
Only his eyes and mouth are not covered
She takes photos to show him later
like the little prankster she is
She hears him breath
waiting for him to wake up

She checks the time
they have to go to their planned lavish event
People are eagerly waiting for them
She eyes the bell mounted on the white wall
she gets up and pulls the silver chain of the bell
chiming away like it’s the end of the world

He wakes up startled sending yellow pedals everywhere
and she laughs and jumps onto the adjacent flower bed
To hide amongst the green foliage
while she keeps laughing

He stands up slowly, coughing and
comes to his senses and follows her laugh
you can’t miss that royal blue dress color
amidst the tall plants
he approaches quietly and with his long arms
takes hold of her by the arms
lifts her off her feet
Turns her around like a ballerina on one foot
and rests her softly against the door
She wraps her arms around his body
they smile and kiss each other passionately
Remembering the times she would wait inside the house
Looking for his figure to appear behind the frosted window
He would open the heavy door and
She would greet him with open arms
and their lips kiss after an enduring day
Into each other’s arms the blue and black mixing together
joyfully by the artist’s brush on the painter’s palette
©2016 Rajinder