Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher



I heard about the heart attack and thought she’d pull through next thing I heard that she passed. Rest in peace, Condolences to her family and all, young age to go.

I came across lots of articles on her quotes, feminist ones, I didn’t realize how much other work she did and very impressed to say:

There is a lot more out on the web now.

Some of her quotes got me thinking about the whole gender and Star Wars, and then thought well I don’t remember seeing a woman with a light saber in the original series:

Carrie about the iconic gold metal bikini:

I agree with her perspective and I thought I remember seeing characters dolls:

I do remember Princess Leia from the movies in her white outfit and using her blaster on stormtroopers. I remember her role being more present and taking action compared to what other women’s role were written in several popular movies.

I have yet to watch the recent Star Wars movie.


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Patrick J. Adams and Troian Bellisario Fortday

The Pretty Little Liars star, Troian Bellisario as Spencer Hastings, got married recently and they had this thing about Fortday, best explained by her, really nice story.

8 years ago we were two friends who has shared very little time together. We were tired and overworked and just wanted to have some peace and quiet. So he invited me over to his apartment where he had built us a pillow fort. He stapled sheets and Christmas lights to the ceiling. We shut the door to the world outside. We didn't answer our phones. And over pancakes and movies. Long late night conversations and sleep. we got to know each other a little better. That was the first "Fort Day". Each year after that our fort got a little bigger until 3 years ago our fort was a brand new home. Our first that we bought together. And in the still and the quiet of that "fort day" he asked me to marry him. Well this year it wasn't about peace and quiet. Two days ago we decided to make the biggest fort we could dream of and we asked all our friends and family to come in it. Tents and talent shows. Food trucks and fires. Kids screamed "I Iove fort day!" before jumping into the pool. I can't believe something small between friends could be accepted and embraced by so many people that mean so much to us. And what that said To me was that any of the tough times we've had making 8 years of long distance work was worth it. The pining. The missing. The quiet nights alone believing that it would be worth it. We were right to believe in us. And not only did we believe @halfadams but everyone around us did too. #fortday2016 (thank you to the amazing @dreamsequences for this awesome photo)

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Some photos too


Tents for Fortday

Today's the day. And what a glorious day it is. #fortday2016

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The Rain Marriage Part 2

The Rain Marriage Part 2

18 November 2016

As he’s walking and holding her
her legs kicking with excitement
they feel a rush of air and this blows her out of his arms
she holds onto the white umbrella with one hand
she’s rising higher and higher
she knows if she lets go now she’ll fall and die like an autumn leaf
so she grasps the handle with her second hand
and yells out for his help

And she blows away with the fall wind
the source of color flying away with her
and leaving rose petals behind
he stands now shocked with his arms empty and crying
washing the dirt off his shoes
his tears making his world black and white again
the kids who beat him up for his lunch money
stand before him and the memories of them
back in high school and called him ‘reject’
after the first girl he asked out spread gossip about him
to fellow classmates like a parrot flying
in the school halls and entering every classroom with urgency
all the kids would drop their pencils and listen
the teacher would break their chalk on the board and laugh

they stand there holding hands with their husbands
one of the woman motions blowing wind
realizes that they were the ones blowing wind in their direction
they all point and laugh
“What a Crybaby!” “hahaha!”
“Loser can’t even hold his wife, she deserves someone better
Who can actually hold onto life, idiot!” “Stupid boy.”
“Look you’re still a reject haha, nothing has changed! But we have!”
And they walk hand in hand with their lovers
to the town of Mulberry
he realizes the past is in front of him
He sees the painter standing behind them
laughing and painting a new canvas
on his wooden easel with the slyest grin
painting so vigorously with the passion of revenge
scattering paint all over the place
into the air landing several feet in front of him
burning the grass
he thought he saw red and black colors
but the scene is now black and white to him
he sees the painter giving him the evil eye him again
and then signing his name at the bottom of the canvas
throwing his brush behind him over his shoulder
setting the forest on fire
he grabs the canvas and kicks the wooden easel
which falls over and breaks on the ground
And runs towards the town like a snatcher
He looks to the right and sees his wife
now in the distance small like a bird
returning to her nest in the woods
landing deep in the grey shaded forest
and starts making his labored way there
his shoes getting covered in thick mud
making his footsteps heavy
and taking a toll on his heart rate
thick drops of cold November rain start to fall

©2016 Rajinder

Iron Sights Runner Part I

Iron Sights Runner Part I

For Remembrance Day

Run from the men who
have him in their iron sights
waiting to pull the trigger
he is running in their land
with no papers, no legal status
leaving his ugly sole marks on their land
just by being present they have created war

Now his unit is dead and bleeding
their demonic blood flowing on their heavenly ground
but he must retreat or face capture or death
Perched up on the hill is a sniper and his spotter

watching the runner’s every move
spotter relaying the wind direction and distance
A shot is fired and misses the runner by a few feet
he keeps on running missing the first bullet
and he smiles as he still has a chance to make
the camouflaged rescue motor boat in the distance

He hides behind a rock
the second shot is fired
remington bullet hits the beige rock
and dust flies up he gets up and now

he runs happily to have missed the second bullet
he makes his way running in a staggered path
another shot is fired missing him again
another relief, the third bullet missing him
he’s reaching the final segment
he sees his friends reaching out their hands

He almost trips over a rock
and his helmet tilts on the left of his head
A last shot is heard and enters
from his exposed right side
and blows his brains on the side of the boat
Sending his helmet off hitting the hull
Was the last noise he made on this earth
the iron sight runner didn’t make it

the camouflaged motorboat takes off
in haste afraid to be victims of the sniper and spotter
who now smile and pat each other on the backs

As they make their way back
poppies grow in their hands
Reminding of the friend they lost
in the foreign land
they all forgot his name
but every Remembrance day
they place a poppy on their shelves
by the pictures they took
of the units before they were sent off to war

now a lonely white unmarked cross stands
in a lonely graveyard
the cold rain falls on the cross
and freeze with the upcoming winter
©2016 Rajinder

Tear Part I

Tear Part I

I get very emotional sometimes
maybe a bit too much lol, so if you cry,
its okay, I’ll give you a hug, lol virtual hug,
I could get all romantic and say things
like catch your tears or kiss them but….
in a friendly way cause that
would be reserved for someone you’re very close with,
A lover… or maybe family.. or at least wipe them…
with my dry torn sleeve
But I’m not reserved for that
I am not here to fill that role
like those superheroes in the movies
but he is
the man with the strong mind like iron bars
to keep evil like me locked away
The strong pale hands to move stones
to create your walkway to heaven
with the words of a real poet
singing in the streets
captivating the hearts of women
with perfect meter and rhyme
not like me crashing thoughts holding onto
the last bits and pieces of life wrought together
With nylon thread to roll with away with the wind
I am just like the ashes in your woodstove
After a night of keeping you both warm
just waiting to be scooped out by the strong hand
And thrown onto the grass in your backyard

While you both sing and wash dishes
and watch the rain fall, while one little tear
falls from your right eye
“It’s just a Tear” you tell him as it rolls down your face
he wipes it with his thumb and smiles
when you do cry a bit more
he can get their monogram tea mugs
to capture all your tears and listen
by the kitchen window

©2015-2016 Rajinder

Loving Movie

Hi all,

I was browsing on facebook, and came across this page

From The Knot facebook page:


It looks very interesting, I had no idea about this till reading the article, and watching the trailer.


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The September Blanket

The September Blanket

The woolen September
red, white and black pattern blanket lies
on the lonely shelf
covered with light dust
He lies in his white hospital bed
left side of his brain hurting
surgeries to remove the disease

Meanwhile his wife is in labour downstairs
sometimes hope is just a moment in time
lasting like the sound heartbeat on the cardiac monitor by his bed
as reality weighs over him in the room
like a grenade beating in his heart
and the string is reality of his health

Sometime his thoughts drift
and the string pulls itself
exploding his heart from the inside out
spraying blood all over the walls and ceilings
The nurses have to come in and laboriously clean it up
on step stools wiping blood down with white cloth
turning to heavy red weights in their hands
wringing it in the blood water colored bucket
to pass on the walls again
and to clear the windows to let the light in again
start of most lives, the water is clear and bubbly
once life the heart ends the water becomes red and heavy
then one of them is mopping the ceiling
arms over exhausted running a few passes
hit the cracked fluorescent light cover
it shatters and falls to the ground
another job for the sweepers

He may not hear their newborn cry
he’s awakened by the nurses moving his bed
with the widest smiles he’s seen in a while
they decide to bring him downstairs
to be with his wife, that he hears her cries from outside
they wheel him in quietly as a surprise
like the first day they met
they park his bed next to hers
like cars in the parking lot huddled together
he sees his wife exhausted with the labour

she gives him that exhausted look he knows too well
and he lies there, extending his hand for support
she takes hold of his supporting her during the life giving session
the grenade disintegrating from his heart
while she gives birth to their lovely daughter
she holds her with joy and smile
they both share wide smiles

He is unable to talk well
the nurses place their baby on him
weighting lightly on his chest
like the softest pillow
And he touches her hand and shoulder
and rests it on her small frame
he talks to her the way he can
as she lays sleeping
the feeling indescribable for them

He thought the blanket of September
would be cold and plastic covering his head
and wrapping around his cold body
but he can breathe again and hope for now
as all three smile with each other
Let the woolen red, white and black pattern blanket
of September fly off the shelf
shaking off its old dust
swirling and refreshing itself in the air
spreading across both beds and landing
and hugging them to keep them warm
on a new day in life

©2016 Rajinder

The Rain Marriage Part I

Photos by Ben Yew Photography is really nice.

August 29, 2016

The Rain Marriage – Part I

The painter tries to mix
the black on the wooden palette
but it’s too hard and thick like molasses
So he throws it against the tree
knocking it and damaging it
As it lands at the base of the oak tree
And he tightens the white paint too quickly
leaving a splotch on the black razor sharp grass
The painter quickly leaves this devilish color land
and runs into the land of colourful lights

In his world its only black
No one wants to paint in a black canvas world
it’s always raining cause
He’s dealing with a heart
filled with broken glass shards
every beat hurts inside his chest
The rain makes him cold like on a chilly winter day
and he shivers at the base of the leafless tree

But that little white splotch
dances around on his black canvas
and finds him at the base of the tree
pondering in his thoughts
The white splotch morphs into a woman
They smile and she dances vividly around him
With her hand on his heart
It melts the glass shards inside
lessening the pain inside
She takes the thick black paint off the broken palette
and rubs between her fingers then on her face and laughs
She takes his hand and a marriage ensues

He lifts her up and carries her
on the unpaved muddy path
so her dress doesn’t get dirty
his shoes are getting dirty
but that’s the start of what he’ll do for her

A white umbrella morphs out of her hands
and she carries it
sheltering them from the rain of his land
If you watch every raindrop off the rim
of the umbrella their reflections are now colorful
all like a little piece of heaven on earth
With every kiss they share she waves the flower bouquet
and leaving petals behind on their path
And these petals are slowly colouring their world
leaving behind pink, red, and lavender petals
as they keep sharing kisses

©2016 Rajinder



Penguin Bookstore Toronto

I happen to come across this on Penguin Books page, it is a really nice design, they commented that Figure3 designed it.

You see the video where you see the spine of the books and it slides out, very clever design.
Penguin has always had great designs for their books.


As seen in the video here:
A news article on the store

A world map of Authors, found it very interesting

I looked more at Figure3’s website, and they have a lot of interesting projects.

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